There are many resources available to find vacation homes that you can book directly, such as:

Regional Book Direct Listing Sites

Click on the map on our HOME page to find a Regional Listing Site for your destination.

The #BookDirect Map

Click HERE for a map of vacation homes to book directly.

National and International Book Direct Listing Sites

See HERE for a list of book direct national and international listing sites.

Specialty Listing Sites

See HERE for a list of book direct listing sites that specialize by lodging type.

Facebook Groups

Many vacation rental homeowners list their properties on a Facebook group promoting local vacation home rentals. Search Facebook for #bookdirect and your destination.

Click here for an article: “Avoid getting scammed on Facebook!”

Google Maps

Many vacation rental homeowners also list their properties as a business on Google. Zoom in on your destination.


As with all online transactions, it’s important to take certain safety measures. Here are some tips for booking directly:

Thank you to Annie Switzer and AVROA for this infographic

Thank you to: Susan Bonfigli for sharing content from her website,; Olivia Knippen-Maag for sharing content from her Facebook group “Vacation Rentals 101”; Danica Thornburg Connell for sharing her article from her website; Julie Cheatham of for sharing information on safely booking vacation rentals.